Editorial Staff

12140049_985002148250735_1610771110992871508_oMatthew Maichen
Editor in Chief

Matthew Maichen is a proud former editor of Chapman University’s Calliope Art and Literary Magazine, from which his story Persephone was chosen by Plain China as one of the best pieces of undergraduate writing of 2015. He has strong ties to Chapman’s on-campus club: The Players’ Society, who have performed some of his plays onstage and over the radio. These days, he is a frequent attendee of open-mics, and can always be found at Glassless Minds in Oceanside.


Elena Lucia PerezElena Lucia Perez
Managing Editor

Elena is a book lover by day, theater geek by night, and has a relationship with filmmaking on the side.  She studied writing at UC Riverside where she was an editor for the Mosaic Art and Literary Journal, and she was the 2013-14 Managing Editor of the Calliope Art & Literary Magazine at Chapman University.  Other than writing, Elena likes spending time with her pets (a cockatiel and two dachshunds) and photographing nature.  Other things she likes are: fruit pies, NASA, dragons, Kandinsky, and puns.


Marina Shugrue
Communications Manager

Marina is one of the dreamers and a lover of all things literature. She is a graduate of Chapman University and former member of Calliope Art & Literary Magazine. When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s busy dancing, singing along to music badly, and obsessing over her cats. She likes numbers that end in five and zero and things that come in threes.



Darin Milanesio
Public Relations and Social Media Manager

Darin Milanesio is from the central valley of California where he grew up on a farm. He graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Creative Writing and a minor in television. He also writes about politics at PolicyJunkie. Darin has a big interest in tech and media and is always working on entrepreneurial projects such as WAV, a social media music sharing app.



Dani Neiley

Dani recently graduated from Chapman University with degrees in English literature and screenwriting, and feels slightly aimless out in the Real People’s World. She used to be the Editor-in-Chief of Calliope and is currently the Film Editor for Drunk Monkeys. She aspires to be as cool as Daniel Handler and Stephin Merritt, and wants to be an editor when she grows up. She enjoys books bought at thrift stores, the independent film section on Netflix, and Harrison Ford circa the 70s.


Staff Emeritus

Nicole Mormann – Editor and Public Relations