Writing on the Wall #2

This is Writing on the Wall – a discussion page where you can show us your writing!

This week, we invite you, in 100 words or less, to post your reply to the following prompt:

Your story’s first line: “We shouldn’t be here.”

Comment below with your stories! We look forward to reading them.


  1. We Shouldn’t Be Here
    by Matthew A. Sandusky

    We shouldn’t be here. We shouldn’t be yelling and screaming and kicking and fighting like we are. We shouldn’t be purposefully hurting each other—tearing out the hearts we had shaped and molded with love and altruism for seventeen years. Our fingerprints embedded on the muscled walls, stained and bruised from our pain of infidelity and asexuality. We shouldn’t be here. Me making you cry, you making me yell. Those tears stain your face with blood-rushed cheeks. My yelling scars my throat with vocal scabs. How did we get here?

  2. We shouldn’t be here.
    1. Implying two, suggesting more, demanding all, but at least, two
    3. The worst word in English. Be is too much, and not enough. Be is for “is”, “was”, and “shall be”; timeless, terrible. Be, be, be, be good, be strong, be better, be fearless but only on Facebook, be loving but only with lovers, be the BEST. ALWAYS.
    4. If only we knew where here was. I miss so much, throwing questions at empty walls, spewing artless art like a broken hydrant. But, I miss you most.

  3. We shouldn’t be here, judging anothers thoughts, feeling and expressions without knowing the details. We don’t know their story. It is very easy to use cognitive shortcuts and come to rash conclusions but next time you do that stop and ask yourself why are you thinking this way? Because that person maybe hiding an invisible disabilty, grieving the loss of a child, or found out they are terminally ill amongst many other possibilities.

  4. We Shouldn’t Be Here
    It was a mistake. We believed in the lie of our invincibility… and immortality. We were no different than those who came before. And like those warriors, we lost ourselves to the battle. One by one, piece by piece until the last bits of me are all that’s left to tell this story. I hope you that follow will take a moment to read and ponder. You probably won’t. Your arrogance won’t allow it. But let me tell, you shouldn’t be here.

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