Writing on the Wall #6

Howdy ho ladies and gents! Writing on The Wall is now entering its second phase, and we have a user-submitted prompt for you all. This time, we want to emphasize how a picture is worth a thousand words. Or at least, a hundred words, because that’s what you’re limited to.

As per usual, here are the rules: Write something relating to the prompt in a hundred words or less in the comments below. Any post that meets the requirements will be approved. In the past, we had an issue with users needing to post anonymously. As you can see, that’s not a problem anymore, so feel free to credit yourselves!

What is the prompt? The Prompt is the Picture Above. That’s right, image prompt.

Speaking of credit, this prompt was submitted to us by @TessDevine on twitter. You can be cool like her, and submit a prompt to us through any of our social media sites, or our email. We’re open to any suggestions, thank you!


  1. Mom and dad never talked to me much.
    Camping made things easier. I could wander off, I could get as lost as they wanted me to be. There was no incentive to ever come back. The trees, the mountains, the hills were all so beautiful, and they sloped down into sparkling lakes I couldn’t believe weren’t oceans.
    I know they’ll look for me. The headline already blares my name. I’m white enough and pretty enough that people will care. They’ll think someone raped and murdered me, probably.
    They’ll never know that I chose for these woods to swallow me.

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