Writing on the Wall: July

From now on, Writing on the Wall will be monthly, but the rules are the same: we give you a prompt, and you write a response in the comments where everyone will see ti!

This month, we invite you, in 100 words or less, to post your reply to the following prompt:

They paid him a million dollars to be a slave.

Thanks for your interest! We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


  1. Everyone Has a Price

    They paid him
    a million dollars
    to be a slave
    of the system,
    and he caved
    with a quickness,
    losing all
    sense of cool
    as he sucked dry
    and slurped down
    every ounce of silver;
    his eyes burned hot
    with the vicious lust
    of lapdog betrayal
    while the knife
    slid sharply
    into the side
    of his brother;
    then he crept
    to the front
    of the stage
    and spewed a speech
    of lies
    on behalf
    of every ideal
    he’d already sold
    down the river.

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