Writing on the Wall: August

We have a new prompt for Writing on the Wall! The rules are the same: we post the prompt, and YOU, in 100 words or less, can write a response in our comments section below so that everyone can see it.

This month’s prompt is:

Someone flavored the rain.

We can’t wait to see your comments! 


  1. My five senses are heightened today, the blueish gray skies seemed slightly heavier and awkwardly shaped. I smell the rain its on its way,so I open real wide to take taste.  Ahhhhhhh!
    drip drop as one by one it hits my face. I finally caught a drop on my tongue,but this particular drop was different from the last one. Some one flavored the rain.
    I thought to myself that was the only explanation for this peculiar change. Someone unbeknown to me flavored the rain.

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