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The Metaworker Podcast – Little Gem Magnolia by Paul Rabinowitz

Episode Description:

Editors Matthew, Elena, Darin, and Melissa talk to Paul Rabinowitz about his piece Little Gem Magnolia and its surreal mix of genres. We touch on New Orleans, art, making time for art, and so much more.

Referenced in this Episode:

Little Gem Magnolia by Paul Rabinowitz on The Metaworker website;

I’ve Loved You So Long, film recommended by Paul;

The Selfish Giant,  film recommended by Paul;

Paul Rabinowitz’s Website

Author Bio:

Paul Rabinowitz is an author, photographer and founder of ARTS By The People, a nonprofit arts organization based in New Jersey. Paul’s photography, short fiction and poetry have appeared in many magazines and journals including Nailed, Long Exposure Magazine, Linden Avenue Literary Journal, Pif Magazine, The Metaworker, Burningword and others. Paul is the author of Limited Light, and a novella, The Clay Urn, (Main Street Rag, 2020). Paul is currently at work on a novel Confluence and a collection of prose poems, Grand Street, Revisited

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