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We are the Metaworker, a literary blog (or lit magazine on the internet) created by millennials, for millennials.

Our main editors are a group of recent graduates from Chapman University in Orange. There, we edited the official Chapman lit-mag, the Calliope. We don’t want to toot our own horns, but we’re pretty damn satisfied with how that went, and once we’d graduated, we realized that we weren’t done. So we had a few meetings, threw ideas around, and the result is what you see here.

But none of this is relevant to you. We want you to submit!

Holy shit yes! How do I submit?

Is what you should have said. But we forgive you if you didn’t. Before you do submit, which you will, there are some guidelines to remember:

We accept fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art. But we’re adding a misc category for submissions that fit into none of those categories. Basically, if it can be put onto a WordPress blog, submit it to us. One of our goals is to be open-minded. We want new ideas, and work that won’t find a place anywhere else. We want you to surprise us, show us something we haven’t seen before. Send us your craziest work, the stuff you don’t think will get published, but that you wish to god could.

Which means that our policy on literary versus genre fiction is: submit both. That being said, genre writers should remember we’re on the lookout for things that are new and interesting. If you stubbornly adhere to convention, your story may be passed over.

Our max word count is 3,000. But anything up to that we’ll consider. Give us everything from your six word story to your condensed ten page autobiography.

Regarding controversial subject matter: we are lenient. And by that, we mean, we’ll look at anything. Jesus, we’re millennials. We grew up with the internet. If you can horrify us we’ll be impressed and do not take that as a challenge. While we will look at anything, make sure whatever edgy content you use contributes to the story. We have no interest in shock value.

We accept simultaneous submissions, and bleh to litmags that don’t. Do you honestly think you can proudly announce: “we have a 98% rejection rate!” and then expect people to only submit to you instead of hedging their bets? Puh-leeze. Our only requirement is that you let us know if it is a simultaneous submission and *especially* if it’s been accepted elsewhere. That being said: we may even publish things that have been accepted elsewhere, so long as you hold the copyright.

We currently do not pay for submissions. While we’d love to, we’re doing this ourselves as a labor of love. Since we have no income, we have nothing to pay. Sorry.

Even if you have zero interest in submitting, follow us. We’ll have some great reading material, updated every Monday at noon.


  1. To answer your question vomit 🙂 we don’t accept necessarily all submissions, but we will be pretty open to a majority. We will be aiming to publish every Sunday so getting submissions during the week is a big A+. Submit pronto, no limit – but for our sanity, probably keep it to three at a time haha

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