“The Wish” by Paul Rabinowitz

What if I could
paint like you
piercing light through
darkening skies

if I could weave stories
by blending chapters
about love and discontent

what if I stood naked
sang love songs
that pry hearts open
like the edge
of a knife

I wouldn’t struggle
with the truth

no need for crayons
whose tips are flat
from making rainbows

I could delete
my tired sentences
with dubious

be free of burden

you would look
at me

Paul Rabinowitz is an author, photographer and founder of ARTS By The People, a non-profit arts organization based in New Jersey. Paul’s works have appeared in many magazines and journals including New World Writing, Burningword, Sacramento Evening Press, The Metaworker, Adirondack Review, Bangalore Review, Grey Sparrow Journal, The Oddville Press and others, and a featured artist in Nailed Magazine in 2020. Paul is the author of Limited Light, and The Clay Urn. His short stories are the inspiration for 3 short films to be released in 2021. https://www.paulrabinowitz.com/

Photo by Trung Nguyen from Pexels

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